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ATEX D module

  1. The Producer sends the Request to the ExNb (the form is available here). To the form is necessery to be attached:
    • list of certified products 
    • certifications
    • production flowchart. To the flowchart is necessary to be marked:
      • how many locations are in production
      • how many people participate in production
      • all of explosion-proof products
      • number of workers in the production of explosion-proof products
      • suppliers in the production
  2. Contracting
  3. ExNB prepares the auditing program.
  4. Audit of the production flow.
  5. ExNB prepares auditing report.
  6. Producer prepares the needed repairs, corrections.
  7. ExNB prepares the control report.
  8. The ExNB will display the mandatory information to be displayed on the website.

The list of statements and certificates issued by ExNB is available here.

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