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ATEX F module

  1. 1. The Manufacturer sends ExNB the application form and a general product description. The application document can be downloaded by clicking here. It must be attached to the request form:
    • a list of certified products,
    • certifications,
    • the test report drawn up by the notified body carrying out the conformity assessment during the type examination,
    • documentation on the protection methods used and technical documentation.
  2. Contracting.
  3. The Manufacturer sends or delivers products to be tested to ExNB in person.
  4. ExNB tests the products.
  5. In case of failure or non-compliance, the Manufacturer will carry out the repairs.
  6. The ExNB will prepare the ATEX assessment report.
  7. In case of conformity, ExNB issues a Certificate of Conformity and marks the products tested and returns them to the Manufacturer.
  8. The ExNB indicates the information that must be displayed in connection with the certificate.

The list of certificates and declarations issued by ExNB is available on this link.

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